Client Testimonials

October 17, 2018

"Thank you Cynthia Harper and Natalie Ward for all your incredible help!! Amazing plan from day one and under contract in 5 days and over asking price! In a market that we see prices dropping every day and taking months. 100% class on top.
If anyone wants the best of the best to sell or buy a home or investment property, these girls are the bomb. In the Seattle area and beyond!! Couldn’t have done better!! Truly remarkable service because they know what they are doing! # hardworkmatters"

August 2, 2018

"Natalie and Cynthia were a dynamic duo. We were in a time crunch when we were looking for our next home. We only had a specific timeline due to work and other family obligations. However, Natalie and Cynthia dedicated an entire weekend for us, even though it was Father’s Day weekend. We sent Natalie and Cynthia a list of about 10 homes that we found online that we wanted to personally see. They were very attentive to our must haves in a home. The day that we met they had a very professionally crafted booklet with all of the houses we were viewing, in the order that we would view them, and appointments all set. We saw 12 homes that first day! Natalie was very informative giving us her insights of the homes we viewed. We found a prospective home on that day, but wanted to see more. We sent another list of homes to Cynthia the following morning, and by the time we met up with both of them later that day, they had all the information on the homes we sent them, plus ones that they found that we may be interested in. That was very impressive. Since it was literally only about 5 hours since we sent them the list.
Natalie and Cynthia had a game plan for us that day, we had their undivided attention and time for a second day in a row. They went over the prospective homes that we were going to see, but after spending about 6-7 hours with us the day before, had a feel of what we liked and didn’t like in a home. So we were able to narrow down the list for the second day.
We found the home we wanted to put an offer on that day. It was a home that we found on our own. But what was important to know about this, is that is was a home that both Natalie and Cynthia also found for us, but didn’t put it on list since it was above the budget that we set for them. This was something that my wife and I truly appreciated. They respected our budget!!! Also, the homes they found for us to view were not all at the top of our budget, it was varying in price, which speaks to their integrity and respecting their clients needs. They weren’t out there trying to get us to buy the most expensive home...this was refreshing!!!
We were able to put in an offer, and we closed on our forever home in under 30 days.
If we had to do it over again, we would not change a thing. The Cynthia and Natalie team is the best in the business!!!!

March 9, 2018

I would recommend Natalie and Cynthia hands down to anyone willing to listen. We were in a time crunch selling our house with a pending purchase on another home. They jumped on board and exceeded our expectations. Within a day they scoped our house, came back with comps and had a timeline of events of what needed to happen. Within the week our house was staged, photo ready, rooms were dimensioned and a 3d rendering were made -it felt like you could walk through the house online. They are well connected within the real-estate community, had a brokers open as well as a 3 day open house. We are forever grateful for not only their attention to detail and work ethic but for their enthusiasm and love for what they do. Truly a great experience!